EWO | Mission

Our Mission

We exist because we believe the next generation will save Haiti.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. With 10 million people, 80% live in poverty.

Eight out of 100 children die before their 5th birthday.

Only 22% of all eligible children in Haiti enroll in secondary school.

Literacy rate in Haiti is just 50% due to limited education options.

School fees are so high most families cannot afford to enroll their children.

Without building relationships, efforts to help Haiti are fleeting.

The cycle of poverty continues from generation to generation.

We empower the next generation to break the cycle through education

We provide education for students through $40 monthly sponsorships.

We are dedicated to creating a platform for sponsors to build a relationship with their student through letters, prayer, and in-person visits. These sponsors provide everything a student needs to get their education from meals to school uniforms. Empowered by their education, students become HEROES in their community.

Instead of giving a hand-out, we are empowering heroes with a hand up.
When we started,
we focused on the next generation.

We have found that is the best place to start, but it is also the best place to stay to give Haiti a new future. Since 2009, we have been making real relationships with students and young leaders in Bayonnais, Haiti. This kind of trust takes time to build, but if we are going to see the country thrive for generations to come, that just might be what it takes.

Our name, Ewo, comes from Haitian creole and means, "hero" (we pronounce it, "e-woah").

Join us in making heroes in Haiti by sponsoring a student for $40 per month..

We are a team in two locations.

Our team in Charlotte, NC oversees all operations of the entire organization and empowers the Haiti Team with new sponsors to support new students.

Our team in Bayonnais, Haiti oversees the student sponsorship program with consistent contact with all of the students and is the touchpoint with the three campuses of the ICB school.


Haitian Creole [e-woah]

English translation
hero [heer-oh]

noun: a person who, in the opinion of others has special abilities, achievements, or personal qualities and is regarded as a role model

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