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Four Ways to Give

The best way to partner with us is through sponsoring a student.

When you sponsor a student for $40, you get to build a relationship with a student through letters, prayer, and even in-person visits if you choose! You'll get to provide everything your student needs to get their education from meals to school uniforms.

Although sponsoring a student is the best way to help in Bayonnais, we understand that not everyone can afford the $40 monthly gift, so we provide an opportunity for you to donate to the education fund. Click here to give a one-time or recurring gift to the education fund.

Empower a student to be a hero in their community and save Haiti.

We give to EWO because we want to build relationships with students in Haiti. No other organization provides an opportunity to be so connected.

- Kevin and Claire
Meet a few Students

Make a big impact by providing hot lunch for an entire school.

With rising costs and 76% of food now imported into Haiti, a hot lunch at school is no longer guaranteed. OFCB (Organization of the Christian Force of Bayonnais) prepares approximately 2,300 meals per day on each of the 20 school days per month each year.

At $.25 per meal, you can provide an entire school's lunch for $575. This is a great option to do with friends, family, or coworkers. Your gift will be used toward the funding of the school’s lunch program and/or may be utilized to benefit other areas of our mission on the ground in Haiti. Give one time or many!

Give to the Haiti Fund

The EWO staff in Haiti face unique challenges, especially as COVID-19 has made everyday obstacles even more challenging. In Bayonnais, Haiti starvation is the biggest hurdle. Food is very scarce and this fund helps provide nourishment. The general fund also helps provide supplies and resources for the school system, the medical clinic, and anything the team in Haiti sees as an urgent need.

As communication with Haiti can be interrupted by natural disasters, giving to this fund empowers our team in Haiti to quickly take action and respond to emergencies.

Give to the EWO Fund

Ewo is dedicated to being a platform for sponsors to build relationships with students in Haiti through letters, prayer, and in-person visits. While the Haiti fund helps needs that arise on the ground in Bayonnais, Haiti, our Ewo fund is our operating costs stateside in Charlotte, NC, at our headquarters. This includes staffing, marketing and awareness, and other operational costs for the mission of Ewo to continue.

When you give to the Ewo fund, you’re providing a foundation to everything we do and allow us to maximize the dollars used to fund heroes in Haiti.

More Ways to Give

Although Student Sponsorship is the best way to support our mission in Haiti of empowering the next generation to break the cycle through education, we realize that sponsorship is not always right for everyone. Or perhaps you want to give in addition to sponsorship.
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Haitian Creole [e-woah]

English translation
hero [heer-oh]

noun: a person who, in the opinion of others has special abilities, achievements, or personal qualities and is regarded as a role model

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